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Dakhil Result 2018 Full Mark Sheet Check by Online, SMS

Dakhil Result 2018 under Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board is available in this site. Dakhil is the Equivalent Exam of SSC. It is powered by Madrasah Board. The Dakhil examine can check their Result with the same process of SSC Result checking system. They will get their result from various systems. There us an opportunity available for Dakhil Examine. They can easily check atheir Result from Madrasah Board official Website. In here, some of necessary information we are providing. It will help you getting your result fast.

Dakhil Result Publish date 2018:

Most of the Dakhil Examine don’t know that when will the Dakhil Result publish. Some people think that Dakhil Result will publish different date of SSC Result. But, there is no additional date available for Dakhil Result 2018. The Dakhil Exam 2018 started with the SSC exam. So, the Result will publish on the same date. Probably, the Dakhil Result 2018 Madrasah board will publish on the 29th April 2018. If the date will change, we will inform you back soon.

Dakhil Result 2018 check by Internet:

How to Check Dakhil Result 2018 from Online? If I am a Dakhil Examine, I will search it by writing how can I check Dakhil Result 2018 of Madrasah Board? I hope the desire process will available on the search Result. You can also search with different keyword. Keep ready you Dakhil Roll Number and Registration Number fast. It will require must to check your Result. If you have these data, you can visit from your internet browser. Then select the below data:

  1. Examination: SSC/Dakhil 
  2. Year: 2018 
  3. Board: Madrasah 
  4. Roll: Type your Roll Number
  5. Reg: No: type your Registration Number
  6. Math Answer: Type the Math Answer

Now click on the Submit button. After submitting the information, you will get your Result on the Screen. You can click on the Print button to print the Result sheet. You can also check your Dakhil Result by Mobile SMS. In the below, we have added details.

Dakhil Result 2018 by SMS:

A Mobile SMS is enough to check your SSC Dakhil Result. You have known that the SSC Result & Dakhil Result will publish on the same time. Education Board Bangladesh will publish the Result on the same portal. So, the Result can also check by the Mobile SMS. When the people will check their SSC Result 2018 by SMS, you will also get your SSC Dakhil Result from Mobile SMS. Just type the below details now in your message option;

Dakhil <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> 2018

Then send the message to 16222 from your Mobile Number. After sending the message correctly, you will receive your Result instant. It may avail sometimes later if the network coverage will show busy. You can share any problem about Dakhil Result from Online, SMS and Android App to us. Just fill up the comment section and send us your comment. We will provide you a clear and correct solution very soon.

SSC Vocational Result 2018

SSC Vocational Result 2018 of Bangladesh Technical Education Board is available to check. The Vocational Candidates 2018 can check their Result through Online. Online or Internet is one of the best process of check a Result. It has no limitation and Restriction. It is fully free. When the Result will publish, people can check it from Internet Website of desired Education Board. Mobile SMS and Android App are also available for the Result. So, follow any system to get your result easily. Now, we are providing all update information in this post. We hope all of these data are important to you.

SSC Vocational Result 2018 publish date:

Official Date of SSC Vocational result will publish on 29th April 2018. It is not the exact date or selected date for SSC Exam result 2018. It is the expected date only. But, the Result will publish within April 2018. Last year result has published on 3rd May. But, this year SSC result will publish 4 Days ago. If you want to know more about Result publish date, just connect with us on Facebook. We will reply you back with accurate information. Thank you for being with us.

SSC Vocational Result 2018 by Online:

Check your SSC Vocational Result 2018 from Bangladesh Technical Education Board official Website, Education Board Bangladesh official Result archive and also from All website will publish your Vocational SSC Result. Before visiting these sites, you need to keep ready your Vocational SSC Roll Number and Registration Number. Then, visit these websites (Any one or multiple) to get your Result. Letter Grade Mark Sheet and Details Mark Sheet will publish soon on

SSC Vocational Result 2018 by SMS:

SSC Vocational Result 2018 can also check through Mobile SMS. The SMS Format is same like the SSC Result 2018. So, everyone can check their Result easily by mobile SMS. The SMS charge is BDT 2.00 per Result (per Message). To check SSC Vocational result by Message, go to the message option and type the below details:

SSC <space> TEC <space> Roll <space> 2018

Then, send the message to 16222 (From any Number). While you will send the message, you will receive your Result from 16222. Sometimes the Message arrives instant and sometimes later. There is no exact time (Duration) available for receiving Message. It depends on various maters.

SSC Vocational Result 2018 by Android App:

You will also get your SSC vocational Result 2018 from Android Mobile App. This system is only for Smartphone users. Apple iPhone users are also eligible to check their Result from App. Now Install the App in your Smart Device. Android users can install the App from Google Play store and Apple users can install the App from iOS store. After install the App, you will easily get the Result just time. If you have any more problem, you can inform us now.

Comilla Education Board SSC Result 2018

SSC Result 2018 Comilla Education Board is this Post topic. In this post, you will get all necessary information for checking your Comilla Board SSC Exam Result. Dear visitor, The Result will be published on the Official Result Archive of Education Board Bangladesh. It is a portal where all board all year all Public Exam Results available. So, you can check any Result from the desire portal. In this post, we are providing Comilla Board SSC Result 2018 fast checking process. You can also check other Result with the same systems. Let’s start following this post to get your Result.

SSC Result 2018 Comilla Education Board official publish date:

Do you know when will the Comilla Board SSC Result 2018 publish? There are no specific dates available for Comilla Board result. It will publish with the same date and times when all other board SSC Results will publish. This year SSC Result will available within 30 April 2018. Probably, the Result will be published on 29th April 2018. But, it isn’t confirmed. The ministry of Education will confirm the date soon. After the confirmation, we will inform you by updating this post. On the selected date & time, you will your Result with the below methods.

SSC Result 2018 Comilla Education Board Check through Online:

Online and internet is the similar word. Some people say Online and some others say Internet. All of the people can check their Result through online. There are some website available. These websites will provide the Result after publishing the Result online. We have explained that, Education Board Result archive will publish the Result first. On the same times, will also publish the SSC Result of Comilla Board. So, visit the official Website of Education Board Bangladesh. After visiting, select your Education Board Name, Passing year, and Examination name. Then type your SSC Roll Number and Registration Number. Finally, type the math Answer in the box and click on the submit button. This is the final step. You will receive your Result.

SSC Result 2018 Comilla Education Board by SMS Method:

SMS method is second largest system of Education Board Result Check. This system is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. It isn’t a Free Result check system. Official SMS format of Comilla Board SSC Result is available in here. So, type the below Message Format with your personal information. Then send the message to 16222.

SSC <space> COM <space> Roll <space> 2018

First check and make sure that the Result has already published online. We also recommend you to send the message after or at 02:00 PM. When you will send the message, you will receive your Result very soon.
Download your Comilla Education Board SSC Marksheet 2018 from online. After publishing Result, you will get your Subject wise Marks List from Online. It’s fully free. So, you can easily get it first. You can also make a comment in the below comment box. We will provide your Result with Mark Sheet.

SSC Result 2018 Sylhet Education Board

SSC Result 2018 Sylhet Education Board can check Through Online, Android App and with some other systems. Sylhet Education Board Publish their result on their official Website. So, the examinee under Sylhet Board can check their Result from online. When the Result will publish, Sylhet Board website will down. According to my own Experience, I’ve analyzed that every time Sylhet Board website shows down after publishing a Result. So, the maximum people can’t check their Result in time. So, they need to have another way for checking the Result in time. We are now providing details about this.

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2018 by Online:

Sylhet Education Board Result can check through Online easily from the Education Board Bangladesh Official Website. If you have a candidate of Sylhet Board, you can note the Sylhet Board Result Check link. Just add SSC after the Sylhet Board official Website URL. Only Roll number requires checking the Trending Result. You can also visit Education Board official Result archive to check your Sylhet Board SSC Result. It will ask you Education Board Name, Roll Number, Registration Number and Passing Year. It will also provide your Result easily. 

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2018 by SMS:

Now a day, every people have a Mobile Phone. They can use their Mobile Phone to check their Result easily. Any Mobile Phones are eligible for this system. So, all people can follow this system because everybody uses Mobile Phone. They need to send a message with Examine personal Information. The SMS will carry the Identity of Examine. We have added the Official Mobile SMS Format of Sylhet Education Board SSC Result 2018. Let’s type it in your Mobile Message option:

SSC <space> SYL <space> Roll <space> 2018

After typing the necessary information with above system, you need to send the message to 16222. You can send the message from any Mobile number. Then, the system will send you a message with your Result. The message will be delivered from 16222.

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2018 Full Mark Sheet:

Sylhet Board SSC Mark Sheet can download or check from Online. There is another portal available for checking Education Board Results. It is Form this portal, All Board Details Marks can check and Download. It is free of charge. So, visit now and follow the instruction. Then, provide your correct information and check your Result. Details Marks will available after publishing the result online.
There is another System available. You may like to choose Android App system. It will also provide your SSC Result 2018 of Sylhet Education Board. If any more information you may need, let’s inform us. We will reply you back soon.

SSC Result 2018 Chittagong Education Board

SSC Result 2018 of Chittagong Education Board, Bangladesh is available here. We are very happy to see your interest about the Chittagong Board Results. Dear visitor, we will try to help you shortly. Chittagong Education Board served Education service in Chittagong Division. Not whole Chittagong Division, because, there is another Education Board (Comilla Board) available in Chittagong Division.  It provides all Junior, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Service. In this post, we are giving you SSC Result related all issue. In Bangladesh, too many Blogger and Website owner published Article about this. Most of them published their post before 3 months ago. So, think now that, how many information available before three months of result.

Check your Chittagong Board SSC Result 2018 by Internet:

Before starting to know, we are describing about the necessary Information of SSC Result. To check your Secondary School Certificate Result by online, please check and verify the Result publish date & time. To verify this, we highly recommend you reading updates from Bangladeshi Daily Newspaper. You can also Watch Live news from Broadcasting Media. All of these will help you to get understanding the SSC Result date. Now collect Examine SSC Roll Number and Registration Number. Any more information don’t require because Education Board Name Chittagong and Passing year 2018. 

Please be noted that, Chittagong Board official Website doesn’t provide Result on their Website. There is a Broken Link available on the Result menu. So, directly visit or and follow the step by step guides. We hope your SSC Result 2018 of Chittagong Board will be delivered you soon.

Official Mobile SMS Format of SSC Result 2018 Chittagong Board:

Official Mobile System used to check the Education Board Bangladesh official Result archive. Already published Result can check through mobile SMS any time. But, the trending result will publish after publishing the result officially on the internet. So, recheck the Result date with time and then, send the message with official Format. Here is the official SMS Format of Chittagong Board SSC result 2018.

SSC <space> CHI <space> Roll <space> 2018

SMS Receiver number is 16222. It is the reserve number of Education Service in Bangladesh. Teletalk manage and controls this. While you will send the message, you will receive another message from 16222 in your Mobile. If everything was Ok, it will provide your result. If any error or false detected, you will receive error message. SMS Charge is BDT 2.00 (Excluding Tax).
Do you want to download your Chittagong Board SSC Mark Sheet 2018? You will get it easily from the We have already given you the link on Online Result check system. If you have followed it, you already got your SSC Result Full Mark Sheet. Do you have any question else? Please let us know. We will try to give you a solution shortly.